Brothers, Oliver & Simon are traditionally trained conceptual designers with over 25 years experience across a broad range of disciplines and market sectors.

Oliver West

“Back in the 90′s I trained in Brighton as a graphic designer and soon made the move across to digital media, more specifically ‘the web’. Over the years I’ve worked on a wide variety of digital projects covering everything from single page websites through to ecommerce and reporting tools as well as emails, banners and various other forms of internet marketing. Regardless of the size or scope of the project the user is always at the heart of every decision.”

Simon West

“After learning my craft at Leeds School of Art and Design in the mid 90s. I’ve been working in design ever since. Starting off, as is customary with design graduates, creating mostly posters and flyers for nightclubs and gigs.  I then progressed into the world of advertising in London and Vancouver, which gave me experience in a variety of disciplines on both a local and international scale.”

Rest of the team

Different projects require different skillsets, so we use a large team of freelance creative types, techies and wordsmiths to enable us to select the best man (or woman) for the job.  This also means fewer overheads for us and better value for you, the client.