Penn State University’s findings state that 55% of users check out one search result only, and 80% stop after looking at three results.

What is ‘search engine marketing’?

To put it simply – ensuring that your website is visible and easily found on search engines.

It may sound easy, but you will be competing with hundreds, if not thousands, of other websites offering the same service or product. Do you want to be on the second page where only 3% will ever find you? Or positioned high up on the first page where people are most likely to click?

Why you should care

  • Nearly 200 million searches are performed each day on search engines round the world, roughly half of these on Google
  • Surveys suggest that almost 90% of websites are found through search engines
  • Users very rarely look past the first page of search results

How arkitex will help your business

Simply registering your site with the search engines doesn’t guarantee inclusion in their pages. There are many key factors to bear in mind when designing or optimising your site which improve your chances of being ranked. We will guide you through these steps – or carry them out for you – and ensure your site is not only seen by the search engines, but revisited regularly and positioned highly on the search results pages.

Let us talk you through what’s required to help you rank above your competitors, get in touch with us today.

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