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In a competitive world, branding is the key to making your business stand out from the rest.

What is Branding?

Creating a ‘brand’ involves sending a clear visual message with all of your marketing activities about who you are. Good branding helps establish credibility, foster a positive emotional response, motivate your prospects and build loyalty.

Branding your business, product or service is the smart way to go when your vision is long term. Good branding makes you instantly recognisable to your current and future target market.

What do we do

If you sell cornflakes or soap powder and want to be a brand leader you’ll need a few million quid in your back pocket. On the other hand, if you’re a genuine business with a more down-to-earth product or service, we can work together to build a brand image which works for you.

We will design an eye-catching and memorable logo for you. We’ll choose or create typefaces and colour schemes which help create a compelling visual ‘personality’. Then we’ll structure a style that’s unique to you, which reflects your mission statement.

We’ll draw all of this together to create your very own brand image which can be incorporated in all your future advertising and marketing promotions.

arkitex can help you build a brand

Establishing a ‘brand’ sets you apart from your competition. You’ll look like a leader rather than a bandwagon-jumper. It breeds confidence in your business and products. It gives you individuality in a world of sameness. That’s why all the big boys (and girls) want to be the brand leader.

Make a change

There’s no better time to begin your branding than right now. The sooner you get started, the sooner your brand begins to make its presence felt in the marketplace. Together we can develop a brief and discuss terms that are cost-effective and won’t break the bank.

In any case there’s absolutely no obligation just to have a chat.

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